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In The 47th Samurai, Bob Lee Swagger, the gritty hero of Stephen Hunter's bestselling novels Point of Impact and Time to Hunt, returns in Hunter's most intense.
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Historical Fiction. While it appears that this book is one in the middle of a series of books involving Bob Lee Swagger, it did not detract from the enjoyment of this book as a standalone read. A great story about honor and commitment. Hunter did a lot of research for this book as it is crammed full of interesting information about Japanese culture and swords. This story ties Swagger to his father, and the father of a Japanese officer that fought on Iwo Jima.

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One of those books that are hard to put down. Imagine, a Bob Lee Swagger book where he doesn't fire a shot. Instead, he learns the samurai sword and brings down the bad guys with his new skill. A great read. Basic Bob Lee thriller.

The 47th Samurai

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THE 47TH SAMURAI by Stephen Hunter | Kirkus Reviews

We moved your item s to Saved for Later. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. The 47th Samurai. Average rating: 4. Stephen Hunter. Only Earl Swagger survived. More than sixty years later, Yano comes to America to honor the legacy of his heroic father by recovering the sword he used in the battle.


His search has led him to Crazy Horse, Idaho, where Bob Lee, ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, has settled into a restless retirement and immediately pledges himself to Yano's quest. Bob Lee finds the sword and delivers it to Yano in Tokyo.

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On inspection, they discover that it is not a standard WWII blade, but a legendary shin-shinto katana, an artifact of the nation. It is priceless but worth killing for. Suddenly Bob is at the center of a series of terrible crimes he barely understands but vows to avenge. And to do so, he throws himself into the world of the samurai, Tokyo's dark, criminal yakuza underworld, and the unwritten rules of Japanese culture.

Swagger's allies, hard-as-nails, American-born Susan Okada and the brave, cocaine-dealing tabloid journalist Nick Yamamoto, help him move through this strange, glittering, and ominous world from the shady bosses of the seamy Kabukicho district to officials in the highest echelons of the Japanese government, but in the end, he is on his own and will succeed only if he can learn that to survive samurai, you must become samurai.

As the plot races and the violence escalates, it becomes clear that a ruthless conspiracy is in place, and the only thing that can be taken for granted is that money, power, and sex can drive men of all nationalities to gruesome extremes. If Swagger hopes to stop them, he must be willing not only to die but also to kill.

Stephen Hunter has written over twenty novels.